… I have got a silly CD that wouldn’t allowed me to make a nice copy in this case a nice image with Alcohol.
I know that might be I am not choosing the right Datatype or maybe the problem is another one.
Anyone can tell me a good program to find the Datatype of the Cd you want?
Or anyone can understand what my problem could be???

Thank you guys


A-ray scanner.

… it is great!!! It find the DataType right away!
Thanks so much for that.
Though I have another quetion.
Apparently this CD is pretty bad.
I have used so far Alcohol putting the Datatype (secuROM) found and the image was not correct. So I used Blindwrite, but couldn’t find the way to put the Datatype and obviously it wouldn’t image it correctly.
What do you suggest???
Thank you again for your kindness.


Which version of securom did A-ray detect? Appropriate datatype varies depending on version of securom.

… it said only secuROM NEW … and in Alcohol I found that very one …
Is it ok???

Scan the game directory on your hard drive after installing the game. You should get a version number.