Datatrack Diamond

Datatrack Diamond

what about the quality of these cd’s???

Hi STE, and welcome to the forum! moved your question here where it will get seen. Haven’t seen this media here, so I don’t know who made it.

hi and tnx for moving,

if you havent seen these take al look at this:

theyre sold at the cdfreaks shop! i think its not such a good quality, just my instinct

Well they are identified as plasmon.

Plasmon is just the maker of manufacturing machinery. If I’m right the defult ATIP is plasmon but may be changed by the factory if they want to, but many cheap (and often low quality) manufacturers do not change the ATIP this is why discs with plasmon ATIP may vary in quality.

My samsung plasmon discs is however pretty good, but I can’t say for the datatrak plasmons.

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what about the quality of these cd’s???
In order to find out more about the media’s dye
search for ‘Ciba’ , ‘Plasmon’, ‘Ultragreen’ in every possible combination, e.g. :

@CDF : [COLOR=blue]Ciba AND Ultra Green

Google : Plasmon Ultragreen

One of the potential manufacturers could be Prodisc that Plasmon have close ties with.[/COLOR]