Sorry if posting in wrong place.
I am having problems with datasafe printable dvd-r’s.
I am using nero to burn after shrinking with dvd shrink.
My problem is the dvd’s are breaking up halfway through. Borrowed some Datawrite classic which worked fine.
The thing is i have bought 100 of the datasafe disk. Is there anything i can do.
I have read about updating firmwear but don,t quite understand if that may solve the problem.
I have Pioneer 106d with 1.08 software on it.
Is there anything i can try.
Or do i bin 90 disks. :frowning:

you can check for firmware @
have you tried burning @ slower speed ?

Tried Burning at every speed. Still no joy. I think it must be crap disk although it says they should be compatible

my drive should be compatable with prodiscso4 but ive had alot of problems mostly towards the end of the disc. datawrite fuji no problem at all , so id say its your media.