Datasafe Printable 8x DVD-R Weird Q

Yup… this is a weird Q…

I get very good burns off these discs now and am very impressed… but…

I am rather DRUNK at the moment and decided to lick the printable side of the disc. I found it to be very tasty, however it leaves a chemical taste inside the mouth…

What is this chemical and will it cause harm cos i could now lick these for a living :slight_smile:

Lol, this reminds me of the simpsons episode … where homer licks the frogs :slight_smile:

yes… its along those lines, but its not a hallucinogenic unfotnately :frowning:

Well, the day after…

I have been up all night with severe stomach cramps and uncontrollable vomiting.

Been to the quack who has said that I am probably suffering from Food or Alcohol poisoning…

Cant be food poisoning as my girlfriend ate what I did yesterday and she is fine. My alcohol intake last night was higher than usual but still a lot less than I do on a binge.

My theory is Toxin Poisoning from that CD i licked… I did have a very potent chemical taste (even though it was nice) and thus I am never doing it again.

EDIT: Can the word alcohol not be linked to the Alcohol 120% program but to say… ohh the Stella Artois site??

BRB… Gonna Ralph again

Am I allowed to laugh? I’ll wait until your “food” posioning subsides :slight_smile:

My best guesses for the chemicals you consumed:

  1. Cleaners used once the disk was produced.
  2. Your saliva (or the water in it) may have desolved some of the chemicals used in the printable side (maybe UV preservers, or parts of the ink-absorbtion layer)

Go ahead… laugh as much as you want… I dont care cos i’ve now learned a lesson