Datasafe DVD-RW 2X

These discs used to work fine on my Pioneer a05 but now it wont recognise them at all, any ideas?

Look here m8

thx watermark, thats 10 disks down the pan, funny how they all worked for a while then suddenly didnt all at once…

they tend to use princo dye in -rw’s total sh*te
seen them in black yellow , green black disc’s :Z

Phase change layer is technically not a dye.

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile:

The last Princo made Datasafe available was over 2 years ago all the current stock is Ritek. Datasafe distributer e-net also does some mcc code rw but these are overprints. If you buy them from a reputable retailer they will tell you they are overprints.