Datasafe branded 2.4x dvd+rw discs

i will be spring cleaning one of my hard drives and i’ve seen these quite cheap discs , the question is are these disc good or bad ?
things i will be backing up are music , data and programs only . burner to use is the lg 4040b dvd recorder . by the wat can someone tell me where i can find a compatibility list for this burner ?


You really shouldn’t use ANY RW disc for “backing up”. Even DVDR should be used with caution if your data is not duplicated somewhere else.

so then you mean to duplicate it on another hard drive ? . i have used cdrw’s to backup before , though on dvdrw’s you use a less amount of disc’s . is their any problem with backing up on dvdrw’s ? i’m new on the dvd format thing so any new and valuable info would be greatly appreciated

Any RW disc is unreliable over time, use them for short term backups only. If you want to store data long term, make at least 2 copies using DVD+/-R. Or one copy on HD and one on DVDR.

will do , thanks for the advice