DataSafe 8X DVD-R media

Just bought a fair few of these from SVP and the ones i have opened and checked so Far ar all MCC03RG20 's

Nere Disc Info reports them as Verbatims ? And In Nero 6.6 with my Pioneer 110 (TDB A10xl 1.37 frimware) they report to burn at 16X

Is this correct ?

Will post some graphs soon.

MCC 03RG20 is 16x media, yes.


Well Here is some tests

First is DataSafe 8x MCC Burnt at 4X on Pioneer 110 FW: TDB A10XL 1.37

Second is DataSafe 8x MCC Burnt at 4X on Pioneer 110D FW: Pioneer 1.22

Third is DataSafe 8x MCC Burnt at 8X on Pioneer 110 FW: TDB A10XL 1.37

Why so slow, and why .jpgs?

Slow - because i normally burn at 4speed using Verbatim 8X DVD-d TYG02’s and find for my use i get the best results

Trying out the datasafes so doing a 4x, 8x and will do a 12x and 16 x

As for jpegs, i use mwsnap to capture any screen shots and its default save is jpeg.

Well, CDSpeed has that nice little floppy disk icon to save you a .png.

Also, the scanning standard for BenQ is 8x, not 4x.

The saying is true “You learn something new every day!”

I will use the DISK option in future, it will be much easier !

I scanned at 4X because i thought i would get a better scan? I have read quite a few posts where people recommend scanning at 4X if an 8X scan gives bad results ?

If i put the disk in my Pioneer E85 DVD Player/Recorder what speed would it be played to the telly at ?