Dataright Grey x8's


I wonder what other peoples experience of these discs are. I know there have been comments on ‘great, wonder for the price’, albeit with a few minor niggles - but I have had a few (2 out of say 20) give one red sector on reading (nec 1300). No problem at all with TY or TY dye (Maxell +R).

So - do we feel these are reliable as 2nd’s to the great TY?

No probs here with NEC ND2510A.

Marginal in my 851s

Utter crap in my 1300 - never had a problem with any decent +r media - now 1 in 4 give red sectors and if I look at the surface after burning, there are rings where the burn or the dye is bad. What a load of trash.

Bin fodder. Never wanted to go down the datawrite (datacrap) route - people said these where great - hmmm, not in my burner - and I tried 2 nec 1300’s.

Datawrite classic grey top 8x with FUJIFILM03 dye
Are burned not bad in my nec2500a.

An other test with same type of disc but burned at 4x

burnt a few of them here on a nec 2500 and a pioneer 108 - all have burnt fineand read back with no problems.

They seem to have changed to a Prodisc F01 media code. Must be a new supplier, or simply run out of the Fujifilm discs.

I see one scan in the DVD test section and it looks ok. Anybody done anymore tests on them as the Fuji ones we’re good.

Not quite as good as the Fujifilm (Nero speed test) but no coasters 50 burnt so far.

cool thx :slight_smile: