DataPlay should replace the CD and is dead - and who cares

I just posted the article DataPlay should replace the CD and is dead - and who cares.

Sylvain used our newssubmit to tell us that Start-up DataPlay, which hoped its 10p coin-sized minidisc would replace the compact disc, has shut down and is looking for a buyer.

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too bad. i really like lame proprietary technology.

I don’t think people wanted a disc that small really, I think that’s be hard to deal with. But their problem was, they focused on the copy protection. Why focus on that? Some company should start focusing on getting universal memory card into devices. I mean one card would go in your car CD player, your digital camera, your MP3 player, your stereo. Without copy protection. I know there’s memory cards out there, but there’s so many of them. I would like one storage medium that everything would accept.

What’s a 10p coin? I’d love a small mini-disc type CD, as long as it’s as copyable as normal CDs.

the fact that the discs were write-once killed its chance of being popular. Oh and the DRM restrictions killed it too.

TBZ> that’s the UK 10pence coin. The size of a USA quarter.

Now that I think back I think everything about this media sucked.

I’m sure that the DRM restrictions killed it. DRM is very like an Addictive drug. Once a company starts experimenting with it (like someone with LSD for example), they get hooked on it and ends up doing far more harm than good. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll try and invent something to replace the wheel.It’ll be round and rubbery but you can only use it where I say and on what I say and it will be a little smaller…LOL:4

Did you know a fellow in Australia successfully patented the wheel? True. I wonder how he will earn off it though. Licensing of wheels to all forms of transport? :slight_smile: