Datamax => need info how is this brand?

videohelp only gave me an 8x tyg02 on datamax

wanted to know if anyone is usint datamax 8x/16x … how is this brand and what diff code names it comes under !

a frnd of myne is getting some for me so wanted to know as soon as possible ! ty

Datamax eh. Using the TYG02 code would mean they are trying to fake Taiyo Yuden’s media code, which means their discs are going to be inferior to the real thing.

It would have been better if it said CMC, at least that would be believable.

I don’t know what to tell you, there’s a high chance the discs will be rubbish. Hopefully they are very cheap so it wont matter so much.

Agree with cd pirate - I’d hope they were at least decent CMC when you get them, as a TY MID will almost certainly be fake. But they may burn half-decent, who knows :slight_smile: