DataLifePlus CD-R 48x

I just got a new Sony 40x12x48 CDRW (CRX195E1) and I just wanted to make sure that DataLifePlus CD-R 48x 80 Minute media will work. I was browsing the threads and found that the Sony drives had problems with Mitsubishi media and wanted to see it there are any known issues with the DataLifePlus 48x CD-Rs and my new CDRW.

If you can get Fuji, they are well known to work great with the LiteOn drives. (your sony is a LiteOn). I haven’t yet tried the 48x VDPlus, but they most certainly should work at 48x. Run some error tests on the burned CD’s and let us know how they did. Be sure to use 700MB or more for the tests.

I’ve just bought a box of 25 datalife plus CD-R 80 48X. I’ve got a Plextor 40/12/40U USB hooked up to a P3/750 Dell Laptop via an Adaptec USB2 card.

I’ll see how they go with the plex using Nero; and let you know soon.


Well, burnt a couple of the verbatims. First one was a 695mb file using DAO/96 with nero; it stopped about 1/3 of the way thru with a write error. I’ve had that problem before with DAO/96 so I don’t think it’s the disc.
When burning normal DAO, not one problem. The plex gets up to 40X write towards the end as you’d expect.
All green when checked with Nero CDspeed surface scan. Reads perfectly back with the plex and also with my Toshiba DVD-ROM drive.

Also, Emtec (BASF) 48X give the same result; and they’re Cheap! Made in India doesn’t seem to be a problem; BASF have always made good quality stuff.


In case you haven’t seen it , look at the Varbatim made in Mexico

Well, I haven’t performed any speed tests, but I bought the Verbatim DataLifePlus 48x media and was able to successfully backup my copies of the Sims through House Party, and they seem to work great with my new burner. I just downloaded Smart Burn and will see how that works, and post my results if anyone is interested.

btw… the Verbatim media I got was made in Taiwan.