how about a online database?
where i can type in a game and the database shows me which cd contain this game?


If you don’t know these links visit them and find what youre looking for.

But indeed a good idea that cdfreaks has its own searchengine

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dit is DE site voor het copieren van cds, cdfreaks haalt haar meeste cracks ook vandaan. BV tiberiun sun


your message is completely offtopic and irrelevant to this topic.
furthermore: all of the cdfreaks cracks are contributed by visitors and not taken from other pages…


A test version of our searchenige that also crawls trough the list section is available here:

You see, we do something with your information ! (if possible)

About gamecopyworld, for some month ago we had some heavy competition between both sites. Due hosting problems we had to stop our crack posting activities. All the cracks we get now are indeed submitted by visitors or made by friends of CD Freaks.