Database of "what's inside" the keep case?

There are a gazillion DVD databases that will tell you about each version of a product / UPC / ASIN shipped, all the bonus features, provide pictures of the keep-case and even pictoral images of the disc itself, but one thing I can’t find out reliably:

Paper included inside the keep case.

I’m talking about the leaflet / booklet under the clips. I can search IMDB to my heart’s content, and never discover whether or not I should expect to find something there or not.

This is particularly important in peer DVD swapping that happens on Zunafish or Swaptree (many others) where you’re expected to provide the product intact and complete. some allow for omissions, but you MUST document whatever paper is missing.

Most DVDs have something glossy inside, but not all, and I just don’t know how to be sure, short of buying a sealed DVD and ripping it open.

Where is this information?