Data verification error

I’ve got serious problem with dvd burning recently, dvds I burnt can neither pass Nero’s data verification nor cdcheck’s file compare, contents on dvd and their source on harddisk are not the same.
Here is my rig:
AMD 4200+
Asus A8NSLI Premium
Corsair 1024-3200XL
WD Raptor 740gd
HITACHI T7k250 250GB
Pioneer dvdrom
Plextor 760A+716A
X-FI soundcard
TV card
Antec NeoHE 500

I’ve already replaced my mobo,memory,dvd burner with new one, tried several types of media and burning software, but still got the same result. Now I have enough coasters.

By the way, my psu’s +5v seems low:4.70-4.78v, does this cause the problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

So what exact media have you used?

I tried MITSUBISHI DVD+R 8x(MCC003),16x(MCC004),Verbatim DVD+R 8x(YUDEN000T02)