Data verication fails every time. Could be power supply?



I have had two liteon 1633s drives and a hp 640i drive. All three fail data burn discs that fail data verification more than half the time. I replaced the IDE cables, and ran windows memory check. The new cables didn’t help, and the memory test ran for hours without an hour. I checked the BIOS and the 12+ voltage was at 11.5. I installed speedfan and watched the voltage as I burned two more disks it dropped to 11.44 a few times which is right at the edge of -5%. Both of these discs cam out find. I’ve kept track of when the voltage drops and will try to match it too an error.

Does it seem reasonable that the power supply is the problem since it is right on the edge of operating limits?


Have you checked whether your drives are running Ultra DMA Mode or PIO?


For my secondary IDE channel device manager states that it is Multi-Word DMA Mode 2.


Need DMA, not multi-word. Remove both Primary and Secondary IDE channels. Reboot and configure all devices to use DMA mode.


Thank you. I will try that.


Thanks. I deleted the two channels, and then it wouldn’t boot up without of safe mode. So I went in and changed both to DMA if available. When I restarted my primary channel was at UDMA 5 (it had also been multi-word, but my secondary channel is multiword). Should I also delete the checksum registry keys at the same time?


You have a major problem with windows if the deleted drivers will not reload. The path of least resistance is to format the hard drive and reload Windows.


Okay, this is weird. Yesterday I reformatted and reinstalled Windows. It still showed up as DMA MW 2. So I temporarily moved it to Primary slave. Now it is UDMA 2. I don’t think it would be good to keep a UDMA 2 and a UDMA 5 on the same channel. I then moved the HD to the secondary channel and made the dvd burner primary master. So now I have
Primary Master: HP 640i (DVD R) UDMA 2
Secondary Master: WDC 80G (HD) UDMA 5

So I try to add my other DVD drive and it comes up as DMA MW 2 on primary slave. It makes no sense to have the system partition on the secondary channel, but my mobo must be messed up because this is the only setup that works. It is working find so far.