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Ive been reading some threads which say you can change data type settings from dvd-r to dvd-rom. How would you go about changing this?


Not quite… it’s “booktype” from DVD+R/RW/R DL to DVD-ROM, it doesn’t work with DVD-R/RW/R DL. It might depend on your writer, but usually you can do it in Nero’s Choose Recorder menu, or in DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn (by the little picture of a book).


it’s called booktyping or bitsetting and can only change DVD+R/DL to DVD-ROM

only certain drives are capable. check your drive specs.

many burning programs and drive utility programs have settings for booktype

(click on some ofthe blue words in this post to get acquainted with what it actually does.


haveacigar, I suggest you to read this article.

You can make your drive burn DVD+R/+RW’s booktyped to DVD-ROM using tools provided by your drive manufacturer or CD-DVD Speed (in addition to that posted by tehGrue).

[I]Edit[/I], I see [I]reasonsnotrules[/I] just posted some good information. Thanks. :slight_smile:


ah ok… o well ill just keep to the normal dvd-r, dont really need to change the type :stuck_out_tongue: