Data Type setting will not stay set!



Howdy all, i recently stumbled across this website, and am dam glad to be a member… so hey all.

Anyways, i recently started backing up my PS2 games, for the first time. So i decided to give alcohol 120% a go as i had heard good things about it, and so far i would have to agree.

However the only thing that gets me, is in the Data stype setting part of the options menu, there is an option for the disc type, and obviously i choose playstation 2, as that is what i am wanting to copy… However i change it, click ok, and go back into the same place to see if it has changed and it keeps defaulting back to Audio CD.

Now this may be a stupid question, and it may be perfectly normal, and if so, please flame me accordingly…

But my question is exactly that, is that normal?? Cos i would be much more comfortable if it stayed set to what i put it…

cheers for any help…



no it should bea at audio cd. I burnt halo and it was set at audio cd. Its something dumb alcohol did . Just leave it at auido it should still work if you listen to my post up there. Its Using alcohol 120% to burn any PC gmae(finally…_!


Under the option menu is where you can change the settings of the datatype. It will always revert back to Audio CD here.

When you go through the process of making an image you will need to select the PS2 datatype then. At that point the program will then use that datatype to make your image.