Data to be written: 4,483 MB | Space available on disc: 4,482 MB


Using Nero Burning ROM on MS Windows 2000, I want burn a DVD film I downloaded from Torrent.
This film is within a ‘VIDEO_TS’ directory.

I follow the instructions given at:

But when I press the Write button to start burning, I get this message:

There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this disc.
Please insert another disc that provides more space…

Data to be written: 4,483 MB (4,700,756,102 bytes)
Space available on disc: 4,482 MB (4,700,372,992 bytes)

Does anybody now how to fix this or why was this kind of DVD films shared on Torrent?

Thank you very much.

Perhaps I can remove some files I don’t need (e.g. extra languages), but no idea about how to identify them :frowning:

What brand/model of burner do you have? What brand of discs are you using? Maybe you can use DVD Shrink?

Get a DVD-R , it’s got more free space than a DVD+R disc.

I was going to suggest that but they might have a burner that doesn’t burn to -R’s but good idea i should have mentioned that :doh:

May be you can overcome this warning by checking the box in Nero " Enable DVD Over Burning".

That should be a safe alternative. Personally I’d never try overburning but for 1MB that should be perfectly fine.