Data Scourge 1.28.7 Beta

I just posted the article Data Scourge 1.28.7 Beta.

Some weeks ago we reported about Data Scourge, a p2p program which allows you to share and transfer files. It has some nice features like multi-streaming technology. I also mentioned that eDonkey…

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This program sucks man, why use UDP to transfer files (BAD IDEA). UDP doesn’t check if all files are copied successfully, so you have to crc check it on another level. Fuck, those programmers are stupid.

So why not ‘check it crc’ then? I’m no programmer but I like the idea that streams come in, in the correct order. The problem with eDonkey is that if u download large files it downloads from multiple sources, but if one piece is down you never get a full file. But hey u’r the programmer :slight_smile:

Well MP|3. The biggest problem is that UDP is a broadcast protocol with NO security what so ever on where the package is recieved, so everybody can listen and recieve your packages and data allways without NO troubles at all. UDP is only normaly used to give DHCP Addresses. So microsoft can sniff all your downloads, and it isten even hacking, because no security is applied to that protocol.

It is a BIG step backward, when it comes to innovation and technology.

oh :slight_smile: hmm isn’t sniffing packages illegal? Ok perhaps no security, but I don’t mind them seeing my downloads of legal mp3 files :4

Ok i just thought id clear a few things up here. The only difference between UDP and TCP is that TCP guarantees that each packet will arrive at its destination. Also TCP is a connection based protocol, UDP is ‘connectionless’. UDP doesnt broadcast, it has Multicast ability but a standard UDP packet does not boradcast. Security - TCP has built in security for its sessions, we coded our own. Besides the security, the packets are likley to be coming from multiple sources, i would like to see someone try to sniff your transfer when its coming from 100+ people. Basically TCP is easier to program for file transfers, UDP is better but harder to manage. Files will not be corrupted because of UDP dropping packets etc… DS handles all that, if a packet is missing it simply requests it again (from anyone who has it).

Also when i said UDP doesnt have the socket limitation TCP has i was wrong. What i ment to say was it doesnt matter because you only need 1 UDP socket to recieve from unlimited hosts where TCP being a conection based protocol requires 1 connection(socket) per host.

I still believe that UDP isn’t the way. But that is my opinion. But i like the integrated packet retransmitter you have implemented.