Data retention bill helps copyright holders

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New legislation proposed by two Republican legislators would force Internet service providers (ISPs) and WiFi hotspot owners to maintain user data and logs for up to two years. These requirements are…

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We do NOT need new more privacy invasive legislation (that will only benefit greedy corporations and the government) to protect our children online; we need parents to quit worrying about being their kids best friend, take a more active role in their childrens lives and START ACTING LIKE PARENTS AGAIN!

Unfortunately, too many parents are retards with no common sense. The government has to step-in and take away our privacy in a lame attempt to “protect” us from the evils of the net. In reality, it’s all about control - taking away our civil liberties and dictating what we see and here. Well, the government can **** off - I don’t need some fatcats telling me what I can do on the net.

Stupid things gonna fizzle. You can’t fight the wave, you (law makers, recording industry etc.) better adapt. Remember what Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web) said: “if I know my ISP is keeping records of my surfing activity I will switch ISPs pronto” or something like that.

“By the people, for the people…” Guess that phrase is useless since most of these elected idiots are servile scum to the companies with deep pockets.

Another piece of legislation that makes me sick. Require WiFi hotspot owners to keep records for 2 years? Give me a friggin break. Some of these Coffee shops that provide free WiFi can barely figure out how to plug in their wireless router.

This legislation is just another gross invasion of privacy by big government.

I am impressed with all that is going on right now, that we have Representatives that still have time in their busy day to focus on such important issues as copyright violations on the Internet. there is not nearly enough effort in this area. /sarcasm

I guess I need to see how much the lobbyists funneled to these clowns to pull their puppet strings. But, all I would see is what they did not get “under the table” or roughly the equivilent of a fly on an elephants ass.

As for the perverts they might catch, if the bill go thru good! I am sure several of them are in Congress. They have caught plenty already accosting young pages…