Data recyclic error

I experienced this error when doing a backup. Is there a fix for this? I’m using ANYDVD and CLONEDVD.

are you using the latest version?

Anydvd Clonedvd

What is the title of the DVD? & Which DVD-ROM/RW you using?

HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4240N (Dell 5100 Inspiron Laptop)

DVD- Phone Booth

erm… i not sure what could be the problem is apart for the CSS protection. My only advice i can think of is try CloneCD v5.0.2.2.


I searched all over and could not find an answer.

Original is scratched or dirty?

if original was scratched or dirty, he would get a message from AnyDVD saying the DVD is dirty and needs cleaning. canes did you get this message when inserting the DVD into the drive?

Biggest chance is indeed that your original is damaged, it could also be the media you are using. Make sure this is all OK and try other media.

The DVD is brand new. No scratches on it.

I also tried using DVD2one and got the message that DVD2One cannot copy from a copy protected DVD.

Really? Never seen that before. I get similar errors when I try to backup my copy of Spiderman that my son scratched. I’ve gotten errors like this when the DVD was dirty.

Make sure that ANYDVD is configured for the reader drive. The fox icon in the notifcation area should turn red when it has successfully read the DVD. When you put the mouse over the icon, it should read at least “On: 1”.

what about using anydvd to remove the protection, then rip the image with alcohol 102%, then mount the image an a virtualdrive, then you can use dvdshrink/clonedvd (or whatever compressor) to get it down to dvd-5 size for burning (or if it less than 4.3GB anyway or you have a DL drive then just rip and burn with alcohol 120%)

ben :slight_smile: