Data Recovery Software Suggestions



so i have a fried hard drive and 5 or 6 ISO files I’d like to get off of it.

i’ve tried PC Inspector File Recovery…doesn’t see anything on the drive.
Bad Copy Pro looked promising but doesn’t seem to support recovery of ISO files.
there’s a program called Restore2000 that I found via google that will show me the files, but of course I can’t access them without forking over $80.

does anyone have any free solutions that I haven’t tried yet? I was tempted to give up, but the fact that that one program shows me the files…I know they’re still intact! I just have to get at them!


Free try searching Sourceforge :cool:


i’m not having goo dluck on sourceforge. trust me, i’m a 100% advocate of searching before posting. I’ve spent 2 or 3 hours scouring the net (and this forum) before I decided to post.

it’s frustrating to be able to see but not HAVE the stupid files.