Data Recovery head crash Need info

Can anyone explain the process of data recovery? For instance if it’s a head crash, do they just take the platters out and put em in the same kind of drive?
I have a crashed 40gb Maxtor but I have a good one too and I’m wondering if I should rip them apart and give it a shot.

I don’t know how the pro’s do this, but the way you suggest might work (in theory). If the discs are identical, it could work. There’s one thing however: harddisks are air sealed, so that nothing can get in (a tiny piece of dust can be final). It’s practically impossible to keep your disk dust free while transferring it from the one to the other package. So I think that trying is a waste of time…

If the data on the dead disk is valuable, you might want to check a professional service to help you out.

If the heads are just “stuck”, I’ve seen people report occasional success with freezing the drive, and/or rapping it on the edge of the desk.

That could work… I once hit a stuck harddisk a few times with a hammer… and guess what: it worked again (so I backep up the data on it and threw it out the window).

what is the head stuck to? I hear the drive spin up but my bios will not recognize it. it sounds like the heads are grinding along the disk. but i’ll give it a wack later just for shits & giggles and let you guys know how i made out. i already called a data recovery place in ny and it sounds resonable. $126.00 to look at the thing for 2 hrs. $81/hr thereafter (it beats $199/hr) Get this thease ppl want $40.00 to burn a cd with the recovered data!!

If you have data that valuable it might be a good idea to look into getting some type of RAID setup so that if a hard drive craches you don’t lose your data. Or at least setup some type of daily backup.