Data recovery from DVD-R

My friend burnt some data (pictures & docs) to a DVD-R using Vista (copy & paste into DVD-R). Then he added some more data later when Vista asked to format the DVD-R, which he did. Now obviously previous sessions were not there anymore. Then he asked me for help. I tried to open the DVD-R using IsoBuster, I could see all the different sessions and the data under them. But I couldn’t extract the data but it had the option to save the session as an .ISO image file. I saved 2 .iso file. I can open one file1.ISO file using Daemon Tools but other file2.ISO file is empty although Windows Explorer shows its size to be around 400MB. Then I burn the file2.iso to a CD, although Daemon Tools showed it to be blank.

I have also tried PhotoRec on my Ubuntu 8.10 laptop but there wasn’t much. Also when opened with Archive Manager (thought I could extract the contents of .iso file) it says “CD-ROM is NOT in ISO 9660 format”.

Now can anyone suggest any other data recovery tools since isobuster’s free functionality is limited or any other suggestions that might help to recover data.


I think Nero Multimounter will give you access to the previous sessions, but never tried it myself. You can get it here

Edit: Make sure you read the readme file and follow the instructions, you need to edit the regfile so it points to your nero folder. (Just ignore this post if you don’t have Nero installed).