Data recovering from external hard disk

i have 1 1TB ‘seaget freeagent pro’ usb 2.0 hard disk. it is mostly full of valuable data. Recently when i connect the harddisk it showing new hardware found in task bar, BUT external/Removable drive not showing …when I open ‘my computer’…IS there any option to get all my data get back…PlS help me.

Which version of windows do you have? Give a few computer specs. Do you have another computer you can plug the drive in? If the hardware isn’t damaged you can use just about any Linux live CD to recover your data if nothing else works. You’ll need to download an iso, burn it to a CD, then set your computer to boot from the cd drive first.

What connection is used? If its usb, try on another usb connector/port first.
Was encryption activated on the drive/device?

In the worst case the hdd went dead or the controller chip in the external case has blown off, in both cases the data were almost lost. :frowning:

First try installing the device on a another computer.
If it also fails there, we can safely assume there is something wrong with your device.

Next, try to listen to the device. Does the harddisk make any small noise? Do you hear it spinning? If so, there is a big chance your harddisk is allright, but the electronic of the device is not ok.

Perhaps then you could try and dissasemble the device and install the bare harddisk in another device or just connect it straight to your (powered off of course) computer.

Yeah, but if the data were encrypted by the device there isno way to get the data back… same procedure with many WD externals.

sorry friend for delay reply. It is good to me that I recover all my documents. It was 960 GB. Actually , I was using this hard disk in WIN n MAC both OS alternately. I found that it encrypted to mac means 31 bit(windows 32 bit).It open only in MAC system now. So I have buy another 1 GB hard drive n copy all document via pen drive.Successfully.