Data rate problems when playing a DVD (SH-S182D)

I expected this. :wink:
I also have multiple controllers in my box.
In your case, it’s probably not the serial ATA one. SH-S182D is not a SATA device.
You can uninstall the other controller if you have only plug-and-play devices attached to it.

But we’ll play it save.
Open Device Manager similar to this, and double-click the channel that’s in PIO mode.
The properties window will open up in a couple of seconds.
In the properties window go to the Advanced Settings-tab and check the current transfer mode to be PIO. (Playing safe here.)
Then go to the Details-tab and note the red underlined number. (Leave the properties window of the channel opened.)

Now you’ll have to find the corresponding controller.
I clicked the second (from the top) primary channel, so normally I would have to click the second (from the top) controller.
I did and went into the Details-tab, and chose “Bus Relations” from the drop down. It shows the IDs of the Primary (ending in 0), and Secondary (ending in 1) channels.
One of these two channel IDs MUST match the (red underlined) “Device Instance ID” of the channel.
Otherwise you have the wrong controller.

The bus relation is in the color of the red and blue squares.

When you have a dvd-drive and hard disk attached to the same controller and both are plug-and-play, you can safely uninstall the controller.
All will be re-detected and installed.

Craps! Beaten by the 30 minute limit again.

Your controller configuration probably looks similar to this :

Intel® ICH8 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller-2825

[li]SATA Channel 1
[/li][li]SATA Channel 2
Intel® ICH8 4 port Serial ATA Storage Controller-2820

[li]Primary IDE Channel
[/li][li]Primary IDE Channel
[/li][li]Secondary IDE Channel
[/li][li]Secondary IDE Channel

Now it works perfectly! Thanks for your instructions! :slight_smile: There was a controller (I deleted 3 of them) which has not been reinstalled when i booted the next time. I guess it was just too much.
And thanks as well to all other answers, although they didn’t help. One of the best forums, I have to admit. :slight_smile:

Glad it worked.
Eeerhm, uhm, but you mentioned only 2 controllers before.
What was the name of this third controller ?
Is this third controller completely gone from Device Manager now ?
If so, are you sure all you’re hardware is recognized and working correctly ?

If I’m asking too much, just politely tell me so.

Hm yea the third controller is completely gone. I don’t remember the name.
And everything is working correctly now!

Sorry for rezzing an ancient post, but I’m experiencing the same problem. Basically my IDE/SATA controllers are similar to the OP’s and am experiencing the same problem.

Here’s a picture of my device manager:

I tried the above solution, uninstalling the dual channel controller which controlled my DVD drive which is controlled by the thrid secondary channel.

I even tried uninstalling every controller in the list. But everytime it would show PIO mode when the computer rebooted. I have a P965 Neo motherboard and a Magicspin 8x DVD RW drive.