Data Rate is 110Kbps? could i convert to dvd?

Hey i got an avi where the Data Rate is 110kbps, chikman said in his guide for divx to dvd-r that if the data rate is less than 120kpbs its not suggested to convert it to dvd?. its 110kbps acceptable? ill try and i will post my resaults. any help thx.

Of course it CAN be converted, just the results will be quite poor and IMHO a waste of a good DVDR blank. It would be better off on a couple of CDR’s as a SVCD.

hey chickenman, its really poor the quality of a 110kpbs avi comparing with a 120kbps? also this 110kbps its a pal avi, but i need this in ntsc…what should i do? i dont really see the loss of quality in this avi, well at least in the avi, not yet watched in the dvdr…

Other stuff, if i make menus in spruce up this dvd-r it will become an authored one or a general use ?

When we put together the video and audio in spruceup it creates the dvd folders good, but when reproducing in windvd the audio says mpeg, i thought it should say pcm, will any dvd home player reproduce this audio? :wink:

i forgot, i have a PAL avi, after i did the conversion i could not compile this in spruce cause i need NTSC. What should i do? i tried framerate changers and it changes good, but tha video takes 3min more aprox on a 1:45min film, and the audio its totally messed up…help please.

Is a 100kbps worse than a 110kbps movie? is a 90 worse than a 100, is an 80 worse than a 90. There has to be some cut off and I personally feel 120kbps is the cut off. If you recon a 110kbps is fine then run with it.

General Use in SpruceUp as you will be burning to a General Use DVDR (its normally writen on the DVDR blank).

The MPA (or MP2) audio is MPEG1 Layer 2 type audio. PCM is WAV audio and about 7-8 times larger in size. Best is to actually convert the mpa audio to AC3 as thats the DVD standard. Beesweet GUI will do that for you (or AC3Machine).

BeSweet will convert your PAL (25.00 fps) audio to NTSC (29.97 fps) audio. If you author using Maestro, it has an Audio Synce feature that does this automatically for you.

So, youre suggesting to Transform all the audios to AC3? which its the procedure and options with besweet? When i convert the Video from 25 to 23.976 the film takes more running time, and the audio get out of sycnh, its there a problem with this video that is bigger than the original? i mean, is this normal? i just need to sycnh the audio and forget about the movie takes more time? so first i do framerate, then sycnh the audio am i right?

All Right, i do the menus in spruce, and i burn to dvd-r general use media and i get no problems in dvd home players? :bow: you rule chikman

I did the audio in besweet, no way, it sounds like like the audio audio …u got it? also it just get to 1:29 from a 1:51 film…in maestro if i import the mp2 it says invalidad framerate for the audio synch…should i do the ac3 with the wav or with the mp2? i did it with the mp2…and in maestro i need wich file? the mp2, the wav or the ac3 if i get to this someday?.. i think you should write something more specific about the audio in a new guide… :bow:

DVD standards require AC3 audio or PCM (wav) but a WAV file is 8 times bigger than an AC3 so if your trying to squeeze a movie to fit to a DVDR, then use AC3 not wav.

You can convert the wav or mp2 file made by DVD2SVCD to AC3, its just the mp2 has already been Normalized by DVD2SVCD so that keep the volume of the AC3 up.

I do intend to do a complete overhaul of the Tutorial, it is comming, I just need a bit of free time.

All right i got it. Look, i Used the extracted audio .wav during the batch process of divx2dvd, also extracting the audio with virtualdub its almost the same…and in Goldwave, i Resample (do not change the Playback Rate, its a different thing) to 48000, then i did a Time Warp to adjust the audio until the last second of my new changed video (remember i change the framerate from 25 to 23.976 so it takes from 1:47 to 1:51:43). I make an mp2 with besweet from this wav, is a perfect audio, but in spruce the video finish in 1:51:36, a lot of seconds earlier, i dont know why, i tested the movie and its just get out of sync in the last 2min so far. Am i doing something wrong? I could not get to produce a Ac3, no way, not from the original wav, not from the goldwave wav, not from the mp2…:a the ac3 im been trying ar just 1:29:22, and every second you hear repetitive words words… so what the problem could be…? :slight_smile:

If i have and avi with ac3, it will be converted to an mp2, how could i get this audio instead of the mp2? and if the ac3 its 48 could i just extrat like that?

In your next guide treat the following…


video is 23.976 and audio 44.1 Mp3
video is 23.976 and audio 44.1 AC3
video is 23.976 and audio 48 Mp3
video is 23.976 and audio 48 AC3
and all the same but video is 25.
If you could …changing from one to another. i.e. from a 25video 44.1mp3 to a 23.976 48ac3… its just a suggestion based on the diferences of what ive found so far.

You have done all the right things, spot on. However if there is a problem with the original AVI (which I strongly suspect) then the results are what you have gotten unfortunately.

The problem its getting the AC3 audio from the .wav or the .mp2 The video its perfect, the sound too, but i could not get a proper ac3, it sound like a dj lp … thxs

Then suggest you try Sonic Soft Encode for you AC3. They no longer market it I understand though.

One Last question. It is imperative to include an ac3 or a wav audio into the dvd or it will work ok in home dvds with the mp2? I mean, i could do the compilation in spruce with the mpa and it will sound in dvd homes?

Hey look, i did a project and the mpa sounds great, not as great as the wav but its ok, the when authoring in spruceup the audio sounds with noise from the begining, also if a author qith the wav coverted to 48 the sound its perfect but its waste of space…1gbmore…how could i avoid the noise in spruce? or i could change something in the process to remove the noise of the mpa?