Data quality / backup quality - DVD + BL --- Buying drives


What should that be?
DVD+BL is no format. In case you mean Blu-ray then BD is correct shortterm.
Most discs/data will not “live” that long.


My fault, sry :slight_smile:
I truly meant BD :smiley:

I want a burner to write M-Disks, both DVD and BD format.


I have DVD media that were burned almost 15 years ago and they “live” fine.


Proves really not much in conclusion!

I’ve enough CD-R burnt 23 years ago and they are good, even their content is VERIFIED using advanced scanning methods.


The drive is good, have one myself.
I am not sure about CD AND DVD M-Disc write support.

Another thing is reliable disc scanning… maybe better achievable with an Liteon BD drive.


Daaaaamn, you are right!!
I was browsing and searching for so long i was confused :smiley:

Witch whould you recommend? LG BH16NS40 Or LG WH16NS40?

Both are available, thou the BH is a returned item and costs 25$ less


I have the BH16NS40 and can recommend it, it´s better than the BH16NS55, at least in my experience

The WH16NS40 should have the same hardware, so I can´t say a difference between this two models

Here´s a discussion


There are at least two very different hardware revisions of that drive!
The drives manufactured from 2015 onwards should be hardware revision 2 which is able to be patched to read/rip UHD Blu-Rays. They come with “SVC code: NS50” on the drive sticker.
BH* and WH are equal drives, WH is OEM/bulk and the BH version should be retail.


Different revisions should be available with both drives (WH and BH).

Maybe also depend on country which drives available, in Germany it´s most BH, WH is only available here via some dealers from other countries


Yeah, that was not questioned, but you didnt point out the different drive revisions that exist. :wink:
The earlier ones are manufactured prior 2015 and those with SVC5x after that.
That is an inevitable fact for those who want to play/rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

I assume SVC stands for “Service Vendor Component” and not “Service Component” as someone ealier posted in this forum.


TBH, I´m not so familar with all these revisions but I think I saw a lot of discussions here.

Still don´t have UHD-discs, but I guess my BU40N could read em


Yeah, thats probably the case.
Sorry, I think I’ve misunderstood you, you surely meant the differences between BH and WH drives and I thought you meant the difference between 14NS* and 16NS* drives. :wink:


Could be :wink:

14NS-drives are legacy, bought my 16NS40 in 2013


I have ordered the WH14NS40 version, I hope it will be great :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone !


Can I do BD Quality checks with the Lite-On iHAS124B drive? Or only DVD quality checks? I intend to do BD quality checks too.

It has the iXtreme Burner Max firmware, it is currently available, promised to be in like-new condition.

Or I can get the following for 1/3 price:


AFAIK, this drive is CD & DVD only, no BD part included.


Yeah, it’s an official UHD drive. :wink:

UHD official drives:
LG BU40N(internal slim/laptop)


Yep, and the only one which is available here for a good price in Germany. And it´s a very good BD-writer.

I guess the UHD-discussion for BH16NS55 and the Asus-clone leads to confusion. At Amazon one user asks about the stock FW


…and few people greedy enough try to make money out of other work - as always - disgusting!
Just look at ebay and ebay kleinanzeigen i.e. :frowning:

As for the BU40N, looks like I have to check it out too! Would be an exception compared to all those other slimtype and super-slimtype drives.
Thanks Tester_1!


Thank you everyone!

I have bought the LG WH14NS40, manufactured in 2017.09.

Rom version: 1.02
SVC Code: NS50

I hope it will be good for M-Disk burning, I have received my Verbatim disks too, now I only have to decide what to burn first :smiley: