Data protection

How can I protect a data CD( movie files) from being copied on another CD or, and more important, on HDD.

Encrypt the files on the cd.

The problem is that my friends want me to borrow them the CD’s, but I don’t want them to make copies.

Evil friends, huh?

Evil? No. Tricky? YES.

Search and thou shall find:

selfmade copy-protection
How Do I Make My Cds Anti Copy?
Adding copy protection to your own CDs?
Copy Protection For All Data CDR’s

If I can find this, why couldn’t you?

A frien just told me that I shall insert some corrupted parts at the end of the movie file. Does anybody knows some software to do this because I tried with a Hexa editor and it doesn’t work.

Has anybody tried the TZ and CCD Lock combo? How effective is it?

you could try the copy method used on some industrial CDS.

write the CD, then where you can see there is no data (changes colour/tone), use a very small drill to make a hole.

then again, they will just be able to drag and drop the movie file,…or you might be lucky enough for the CD to explode in there drive, thereby rendering it unable to read OR WRITE :slight_smile:

or just dont lend them the CD.