Data on a DVD read problem

I had a lot of data so I burned it on a DVD, using Roxio Media Center 7 a LDW 411s, it burned ok, but for some reason, my DVD JLMS XJ HD 166 drive won’t read the DVD, it gives this error message saying windows [ using XP Pro] can not read the disc, or disc may be corrupted. I can read the data fine with the 411. The 166 will read regular cd data/audio, and DVD movies still play fine. Any ideas ?

@PtownBubba Can you scan the disc with Kprobe 2.4.2 @4x speed? Save the scan as a .png file by the diskette icon in the upper right corner and attach to a post with the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. :slight_smile:

Which firmware and media code do you use ? Post a kprobe 2.4.2 scan made with your 411 at 4x reading speed.

ok, working on the scan, I am scanning with the 411, the 411 has FSOk firmware, the 166 has DS1c.

I just now put those updated firmwares on, the DVD drive still will not read the data DVD, but the 411 still does, this is not life or death, I “can” access the files with the DVD burner, just not the DVD player. I put in a different 2nd hard, and did some drive letter changes, both DVD drives letter changed, but they still work fine, just the DVD-Data read thing on the 166,argh!

I think this is what you asked for,

please scan at 4x, allthough it’s already clear that disc is of terrible burn quality…

The spikes might be caused by buffer underruns, check the FAQ for slow reading and writing problems.

This was my first attempt at burning files/data on a DVD, I have had good luck burning DVD movie backups, the good thing is I can still access my files if I use the 411 drive, maybe the 166 can not read “dirty” burns.?

I guess I did not see/find the test speed setting, I just let it default test.

one more thing, region settings, the 166 is set at Region 1, the 411 says “not selected”. I am not a world traveler, I assume I do not need “region-free” needs, but should both be at region 1 ?

I think I will put the data on my hard drive, accessing it with the 411[so it somehow does not get lost], then I can try a new burn later, I used Roxio Media Center 7 software to burn the two data DVDs, is there a better software to do that ? Especially for a bonehead like me ?

I do have a LiteOn jlms-xj-hd166s and this a read-only DVD drive. For some months now I cannot read any CD or DVD. It spins and searches for about a minute, and then quits. Tried disconnecting cables, deinstalling software, updating drive; nothing works.

I’ve seen the same problem in more threads, but no solution.
Who knows the solution?

I had a DVD reader, 163 model, I think, it did almost what you are describing, it would not read data or audio CDs, but would read/play DVD movies. are you trying to read “burned” cds or “store-bought” cds/dvds. Somewhere somone told me that there are two lasers or whatever in the drive that reads disks, one for cd, one for DVD. I was told the cd read “thingy” was bad/burned out/or defective. So I just got a new 166 DVD drive. I have had good luck with LiteOn drives, they are cheap, and with the right software, I can burn DVDs and CDs with almost no problems. There could be better drives, even if they are not cheaper, there may be other drives that are more durable. But geez, just look at the top of this page, [Lite-On 52x/32x/52x CDRW 26.00] $26 for a CD burner !!! seems pretty cheap ! At that price, who cares if it fails after a year ?