DATA multi session problems

Hi guys can you please shed some light on the following problem:o

I have the following drives

Asus 52x24x52 rw
plex 24x10x40a rw

pion dvd r/o

When useing ecdc 5 plat inc latest patch to write data to a cd/r with my asus and multi session enabled no problem all ok but when i come to add more data at a later session the earlier files do not show as already on the disc ie its not importing info from earlier sessions :frowning: when i put the same disc into the plex and perform the same actions no problems all is there:confused:

Will the asus support multi session writeing? am i doing something wrong with the asus?

Help please:bow:

sometimes windows shows only the latest session burnt.

i overcome this prob by re-inserting the cd or rebooting.

asus supports it. infact every burner does.

:slight_smile: Thanks for your reply term tried that no joy only with the plex its a bugger:(