Data lost from previous sessions!



hi i’m new here and new to this whole burning thing,i dunno where i should put this topic,i dunno if it’s considered newbie stuff…

anyway my problem is,i’m using a multisession cd,and i’ve burned 7 sessions already.when i added data for my 7th session and burned it,after that my disc only displayed the data in the latest(7th) session.i can’t seem to find all the previous data from the 6th session and before.(mine is a data disc).it seems that ahead nero allows reading previous sessions if the OS is windows xp.but now my laptop currently has recordnow version anyone know if recordnow allows reading of previous sessions as well?if there is,how do i do it?i tried looking up the help topics in it,but couldn’t find anything relevant.


Do you remember, when you recorded the disc, did you use the option to import data from previous session? If you didn’t, it may be difficult to recover the data. I don’t know how RecordNow handles the sitution. You may try using IsoBuster, if it sees the previous sessions, you may exctract the data from them.