Data Life Plus Azo same as Super Azo?

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Hello all… I already posted this in another forum before I realized there was a whole separate one dedicated to blank media!

I ordered a pack of Verbatim Data Life Plus Super Azo CD-R and just got the package - but it wasn’t quite as advertised; they’re Verbatim Data Life Plus alright, but AZO, not Super Azo. Kind of light blue. I specifically looked for Super Azo because I read on this site and others that they were good choice for making music CD’s I could play on a boombox CD player.

So the question is - What’s the difference b/w Azo and Super Azo?? Are they the same, or similar enough? (This pack says up to 52x, btw, and manufactured in India.) Or should I return 'em? (NOT cheap to return through this lousy seller…)

I don’t know what the difference (if any) chemically, but you won’t know the difference when burning them. If your concerned about disc quality to preserve data (or audio) I suggest getting into disc scanning with ‘nero cd speed’ Link its free, but not all drives support error scanning. To improve the burn quality of a disc you can vary the write speed, quality of the media is important, give your burner full access to the HDD by not multitasking, a more advanced thing to do is change the write strategy with MCSE (media code speed edit) by the all mighty ala42 :bow: :bow:, also getting a second or third burner because burn quality varies with media. So doing those things along with doing an error scan will allow you to produce the highest quality burns that will be error free and last a long time.