Data files to dvd

Could anyone tell me the best ( data files to dvd program) to change a data file to dvd that will work on my dvd player, tried nero ,not very fast,
thank to anyone for any information on this subject…

Try Image Burn

You have a file on your PC that appears to be a data file but you believe it is a video…correct?

[B]Try this: display hidden extensions…then change the extension to .avi[/B]

To do this, go to Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options > View and [U]uncheck[/U] “hide extensions for known file types”

Now you will see the abc123.DAT file. Right-click and rename it abc123.avi

This can be played with any standard player (VLC or GOM are best) and something like Nero will put it onto a disc to play in your stand-alone player.