Data files onto dvd


is anyone able to help?

i am trying to save some large data files onto dvd but keep on getting the message-win xp encountered a problem while trying to copy the files!

is there any particular programme i should use as i am trying to just drag the files onto the dvd from my hd. in particular i am trying to save large data and windows media player clips- quite large each one about 700mb - hence the need for dvd

thanks for any help

I use Nero for this - just burn it with the (default) DVD-ROM template.

You can get a trial version of Nero 6 if you don’t already own it.


AFAIK XP can’t burn dvd’s, only cd’s with the built in burning system.

The only DVD media that windows XP can write natively are RAM discs. But it is required also a burner able to manage these media :bigsmile: