Data file problems

Nero seems to be making an error in writing udf 1.02 file

What I’m trying to do is write an mpg as a data file (worked before under sony cd extreme , which no longer works with my new drive). The file writes correctly and shows up as the correct length in the w2k explorer window

However… when I place it in my mpeg iso compliant dvd player, it shows up, but only the first 1 GB is palayed. I notice this because all the movies stopped before the end. In fact

1 GB = (mpg length in GB) (play time of movie on player)/(true playtime)

I’ve reproduced the problem on two mpeg iso players

That’s when I realized Nero had the problem. Now this never happened under the udf 1.02 disks made by sony cd extreme. I confirmed that the disks are truly written in udf 1.02 using dvd info pro

Can anyone recommend software that

  1. will write an mpg as a udf
  2. will work with a pioneer 107 or a nec 2500a


Are you having this issue when using a software playback program or a different DVD player? If yes, please tell me what kind DVD plays and programs are you currently using.



The software/hardware combo that works is Sony CD-extreme on pioneer 104. I can burn (2x) a 3-4 GB file as udf 1.02 and play the entire file on the mpeg-iso compatible dvd. The two DVD players that I use are Amphion Vs-101, and Magnavox Multiformat Progressive-Scan DVD Player (Model: MDV455/17 at The two DVD players have identical software interfaces ( and I suspect, identical mpeg hardware)

The problem arises with Nero 6… writing at 4x on both a pioneer 107d or a Nec 2500a as data disk udf 1.02 . It will correctly copy the entire file (based on the size in w2k) and play it in w2k (using vlc or elcard player). If I put it on the DVD, only about the first hour plays, it always stops before the end of the film, missing the last hour if it is a two hour film. By comparing the play time to the true play time (seen on w2k) I find that the playback is always stopping near the 1 GB limit

Now it is not the DVD player. The DVD player has correctly played back over 200 disks created with Sony CD extreme / pioneer 104d combo. It’s the way Nero writes UDF 1.02 to the pioneer 107d and Nec 2500a.

PS, I verify the write with dvdinfopro

PPS… the Sony software, and the prassi engine, is available on the net. These are my notes where to get it (from long ago)

~~~~ notes on where to get sony cd extreme ~~~~

Look in the sony FTP site at

  1. Download Sony CD Extreme 1.3.390 Setup.exe and install it. REBOOT.

  2. Then dowload and install sonycdextremeupdate.exe dated

  3. REBOOT. It will change the build from 1.3.390 to 1.3.392.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD Sony CD Extreme Update380.exe as suggested earlier. It will
change the build from 1.3.390 to 1.3.380. You will being going backwards!

  1. Then go here and get the Prassi PX engine upgrade: Install and reboot.

You are done!

Well… I got around it

After trying several vendors,I found a vendor that could record a large (2-4 GB) mpeg file to data disk (nero and other vendors could do that) that could be read in its entirety on the DVD player ( ie, does not stop when it reeaches the 1 gb poiunt)

Record now max 4.5 works just fine. The user screen it is very similar to the older sony cd extreme / prassi engine that worked on the older pionerr 104. I wonder if they bought out the older software. (*)

Vendors whose software did not work for this task : Gear , cheetah, nero ver 6., deepburner,

Vendors whos software did work for this task :Record now max

Sony cd extreme worked on the old Pioneer 104 but would not recognize the new Pioneer 107 or the nec 2500a)

BTW… record now max is the old prassi engine that used to power sony cd-extreme

If you are doing thius type of task, forget nero , it does not work, use record now max.