Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

This happens in almost every new movie that I try to back up from a back up. Like the movie works fine and everything and I back it up. Then the backed up copy works fine and dandy. But when I try to back up that one I get this error. It happened for 3 different new movies that I tried to back up. Anyone know what can be the problem? I use DVD shrink for the original back up then no matter if I use CloneDVD or DVD Shrink it always doesn’t work… and it only happens somewhere in the last 10% of the Analysing. Anyone know how to fix this or tell me what is wrong?

BTW my burner is a Pioneer DVR 110D

If you own the original why are you making a back up from a backup? Try and rip the original to the hard drive and burn it as many times as you want from there.

what kind of media are you using?

is your burner firmware up to date?

what speed are yu burning at?

solutions to cyclic redundancy errors:

USE QUALITY MEDIA (verbatim or taiyo yuden are safe bets)
make sure you have the latest firmware for your drive
burn at the rated speed for your media (don’t set to “max”)

I am making a back up of a backup the first time because we were watching the movie and my friend wanted to borrow the movie so I was using my original and I was gonna get the back up of a back up and let my friend borrow that one because the back up I had was unmarked and I like to know what movie is which. But yeah after that I just tested it. But other than that my hard drive not big enough to have more than 4-5 movies on the hard drive. Also my firmware is up to date, I am currently using prodisks, and ridata’s and burning it at 12x. I always set it to the manual 12x because the disks are actually capable of up to 16x but I only burn them at 12x. Maybe for the future I will buy some Taiyo Yuden because I can get a pack of 100 for like 50$ and that would last me a LONG LONG time.

Yeah i would say that more than likely your disks are the culprit. Go with your gut and go with TY or Verbatim.

I always wondered how a movie can work perfectly but when you go to burn it it does not want to work. Guess I under estimated the quality of the media I am using.


Making a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title for the purpose of giving it to a friend far exceeds any fair use rights. In short that is most likely an illegal act.

The problem you are having in that your backup copy you are attempting to copy contains read/write errors (CRC- cyclic redundancy check errors). The most like cause of these CRC- cyclic redundancy check errors is the use of cheap blank DVD Media that the backup copy was recorded on.

Obtain known proven high quality Taiyo Yuden Media and most likely your problem will be solved.

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I got the same error but using TDK DVD DL.

[QUOTE=Romphotog;2500412]I got the same error but using TDK DVD DL.[/QUOTE]

No surprise because that media is sub-sub-sub par or translated: cr@ppo.

[QUOTE=Romphotog;2500412]I got the same error but using TDK DVD DL.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=chef;2500573]No surprise because that media is sub-sub-sub par or translated: [B]cr@ppo[/B].[/QUOTE]

I can only :iagree:

Before I found MyCE I used a lot of TDK
All in the trash :stuck_out_tongue:
I will never again use them EVEN if they were 4 FREE :bigsmile:

Years ago TDK discs were okay, but nowadays they are not better than memowrecks, at least that counts for dvd media. :smiley:

Even a fake verbatum is Better than a Memowreck :wink:

Hehe, fine words. :flower: