Data error (cyclic redundancy check) on all my disks!

When I am playing DVD movies on my Sony Z1 laptop I now get ‘Data error (cyclic redundancy check)’ messages on all my DVD disks. Never happened with this machine for over 3 years. Fast running Centrino with 1 gig ram. Using it for professional audio recording.

I have searched the web but websites I have found say that these errors are disk or software related. Well, all my disks are clean, so which software is faulty? I am using Media Player, WinDVD and PowerDVD. All official versions. I also use DVD Shrink with the same errors. No DVD in my collection can be played without these errors.

Can it be the DVD-player in my Sony Z1? Didn’t found this info on the net. Can it be Windows, do I need to do a reinstall? That would take a lot of time for me…

Please help. I just don’t want to buy just another DVD-player when it’s just Windows who’s causing these errors for example.

Kind regards,

Marco Raaphorst (composer)

Answer these few questions:

  1. Have you changed anything on the laptop hardware wise recently?
  2. Have you changed anything software wise on the laptop recently?
  3. Is it every single last one of your discs?

If the answer to 1 and 2 are no and 3 is yes… I’d say your drive is at fault.

Go to [B]START[/B]>[B]Control Panel[/B]>Double click ‘[B]System[/B]’>Click on ‘[B]Hardware[/B]’ tab>Click ‘[B]Device Manager[/B]’ button> Expand ‘[B]IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers[/B]’>Right Click on ‘[B]Secondary IDE Channel[/B]’ and click [B]Uninstall[/B]> Reboot and it will reinstall itself when you start windows. Please post back and tell us what happend.