Data error cycle redundancy check

Hi, I am getting an error when I use DVD Shrink: “data error cycle redundancy check” and the operation is aborted. This has happened to multiple discs (some of them with no scratches at all). Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.

this had been discussed in earlier posts but sometimes you cannot see the scratch in the dvd. it has happened to me on one of my movies and i’ve tried 4 different dvd and it does the same thing in shrink. even when i’m trying to analyze, it gives me the crc screen. try a different dvd-rom and see if it does the same thing. i’ve had it happen on others and put it in another dvd-rom and it ripped fine. but the one has been unsuccessful in all of my dvd-rom’s


i had exactly the same problem: CRC error when reading some disc, even a new DVD shrinked with DVD-SHRINK.

I have Windows 2000, a Chaintech Zenith 7NJS motherboard, and a Nec 2500A.

After a lot a tries i have found: i did the same as mentioned on Nec web site: don’t use use a 80 pins IDE wire but a 40 pins IDE wire, my writer is plugged alone on “master” position.

It works fine only if i have no other unit on the IDE wire.

It seems curious, but it works.

Basically, poorer quaility media will have more of these problems, I went back and tryed a few of my optodisc dvd-r’s and I get this error more times than I would care.
The disc is no good to me, being that I can not back it up to the hard disk and copy it again, but plays fine on my dvd player. I have noticed it on one brought dvd movie.

Happens alot with poorer quality media…usually the dye after it is burned will start to erode…ive seen it happen alot with older burns trying to re read them. If i look at the disk i usually can see either flaking or discoleration of the dye where the errors are…what it usually means is your data is corrupted. the nec isnt the best reader though and you may get better results using a different dvd rom to rip…i get great results from my Benq 822a best reader i have :wink:

thanks to everyone for their help. the disc I was trying to backup was a commercial dvd movie…I would’ve thought they would use better quality discs? I know Jamos referred to the Benq 822a, but are their any other recommendations for good and cheap dvd roms? thanks.

I recommend the LiteOn (JLMS) 166S DVD-ROM! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about buying this one too.
Can it read DVD+R9 ? If not do you think a new firmware will fix the lacking capability ?


I have nothing helpful to contribute to this thread really, except that I currently own 2 NEC 2500’s & one gets CRC’s quite often. The other, however, has never CRC’d on me.
It is my personal opinion that if your drive gets CRC’s on even moderately scratched media then you should return it. These drives are absolutely fantastic and don’t get CRC’s that often (as I’ve witnessed) so when one actually does act “quirky” then it is defective. Even if it does burn decent every once in a while.
Knowing very little about how DVD burners work, I would have to assume that the delicate hardware internal to the drive gets misaligned or somehow put-off during shipping & handling. As precise as these drives need to be there is little room for error…once again, I’m assuming.
The only other case that I could make is that heat or power supply could be a factor. My CRC-prone drive is in a Shuttle SN45G (200W PSU) which averages 45 degrees celcius while my other is in a full-tower Chieftech (350 Enermax PSU) which averages 35 degrees C.

Take this for what it’s worth and no more but I love my “good” 2500 (now a 2510 thanks to Herrie!) and I despise my “flawed” drive…even if it does burn a decent movie every once in a while.

@C_H_A why don’t you RMA the ‘flawed’ drive if you think it’s so bad?

@Sapa, the 166S can read DVD+R DL. But I have heard of some intermittent recognition issues. I expect the next firmware update to definitely increase its’ DVD+R DL reading capabilities. :smiley:

I had problems on:

  • commercial discs
  • new Verbatim DatalifePlus DVD-R, certified 4x.

I only use Verbatim discs and never had a problem to burn them.
No problem to watch movie, on my Nec or in other readers.

The problem comes only when i try to backup theses discs.
Does anyone obtain better results when changing the IDE ribbon ?

I also experienced from time to time very slow rips (1.5-2X read speeds) on commercial DVD even using the latest Herrie Riplock removed firmware. (The Liteon takes it 8X without hesitation)

Then I noticed small visible scratches on the disk surface.

I use flat basic 80-pin ribbons. I’ll try next to set the Nec as Master from the Cable Select position. Not sure it would help as I suspect the problem comes from internal error correction algorithm. My 811s Liteon is on the same IDE port set with cable select and plugged in the slave connector and still performs better than the NEC in ripping jobs.

As mentioned earlier it’ something to do with broken or poor media. I also get the same error on commercial DVD and as every one mentioned it seems they used very poor media.
It’s nothing to do with DVD shrink, because it failed in Roxio and copy too.

i did the same as mentioned on Nec web site: don’t use use a 80 pins IDE wire but a 40 pins IDE wire,

Can this possibly be true that the 80 pin cables provide poorer DVD results than the older 40 pin cables?

Have others felt this is the case?

i sometimes get crc errors when ripping with dvdshrink also. i think it is because the error handling for dvdshrink is either non existant or not very robust. try ripping with dvddecrypter to the hard drive and then shrink it with dvdshrink.


Heh, because I live in Bahrain & it would take weeks to get it back. I can live with it for the time being & I’ll just use higher quality media & wait for a good cure to come up soon (it always shows up here sooner or later)!

I have had the same exact problem (Lite On 411 @ 811s though not NEC).

I even returned my DVD movie for another copy (thinking that there was an “unseen” defect with the actual original 1st DVD movie disc) as I thought it was defective but Shrink wouldn’t read the second new disc either & I know both of the DVDs couldn’t have been “faulty” because it errored out at the same “exact” location each time with both DVDs!

Thinking it was a Shrink issue I also used DVD Decrypter and it also came up with the CRC error on both of the original DVD movie discs.

So it looks like I will never have a “backup” of my movie & thankfully it is the first of all of the DVDs that I own that will not “rip” correctly.

I read that
CRC = Cyclic Redundancy Code
and not Cyclic Redundancy Check
it’s a common mistake.

at university, in networks course, we calculated CRC by hand… long but interesting…