Data DVD's only compatible with burning drive

I’ve been lurking here for a long time, and now have a problem with which I wish the help of this community.

I don’t mean that my other drive won’t read DVD’s that I’ve burnt, I mean NO OTHER DRIVE will read discs that I burn except for the drive that burnt it.

The drive is a BTC IDE1008, latest official Firmware on it.

The media type make no difference to this problem, it’s done it on several different types from nameless DVD-R to TDK DVD-RW’s, and it’s always the same story.

I use Nero for the burning of Data DVD’s, and the latest Nero would produce this behaviour constantly. When I downgraded to (old version on my hard disk) it started working fine. More importantly at the time, DVDShrink would perfectly back up movies.

The Problem
This morning I needed to format my computer, so I decided that I would burn a permanent DVD backup of my very important files (I’m talking about needed files for my Digital Art). Burnt 2 Data Disc that worked fine, and I could browse and access perfectly.

I formatted, put the discs back in…and getting massive read errors now. A good 30% of each disc is unreadable.

As an experiment, I decided to try backup a DVD real quick and see if it would read. My DVD Player wouldn’t read it, nor would my burner either this time :eek:

So now I have lost a lot of very important files to this cuss word burner! And now I can’t burn movies, and I am about to use this thing as a paper weight.

  1. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to start burning properly again?

  2. Any way to salvage my lost data?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Most problems are caused by CRAPPY media. Use Made in Japan media and burn at 4X.

The media is fine, trust me. This burner came from my brother, and he’s burnt countless disks, and I’m getting this problem on all types of media (including ones that he used without problem)

Verdict is seeming to be that a power surge claimed the life of this burner :frowning:

Gonna try reinstalling some firmwares and other miscellaneous tricks to get it able to burn again. Though my data seems to be lost forever. :frowning: