Data dvd writing program

Hi! I need a recommendation on a small data dvd writing program that doesn’t use a lot of system ressources. I’ve been using anydvd & clonedvd to copy movies and burnatonce to write cd’s but I don’t have anything to write data dvd’s and I was wondering if there’s a small program similar to burnatonce to do that… thanks

Try Imgburn

CDBurnerXP Pro would be a good choice. Does MP3s, Audio CDs , data CD/DVD ,ISO images etc.

^I have win98… thanks I’ll try imgburn, I guess you go into “build” to do a data compilation?
also what’s the simplest way to put 700 megs .avi to a dvd video? my dvd player doesn’t play divx unfortunately

Yes, to create ISO files you must run Imgburn in “build” mode.

To convert an avi into a DVD video you need to convert the avi first in mpeg and then convert the mpeg file into vob. There are some tools that allows to so this in a single step, but I don’t know what suggest because I don’t make these conversions.

You can find a list of (even free) tool here

^can you do multiple sessions data dvd’s?
thanks for the videohelp link

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

For what I know Imgburn doesn’t allow to create multisession DVDs.

I think I found what I was looking for: Cucusoft Converter Pro

it takes me like 6 hours to transform an .avi to dvd video, it must be my crappy computer
I guess I better get a dvd player that supports divx

If you have a lot of movies to convert, this is the better solution :iagree:

[QUOTE=Harry Tuttle]Hi! Question, I use Clone DVD, I can burn the image but all of a sudden I know get a error when I try to write the dvd. I immediately get the error media write erorr insert recordable disk. This is occurring on - and + DVD’s and I have tried different brands. It just started did a setting change.

Don’t hijack someone elses thread like this.

You’ll need to provide a bit more info here, like what app your using, the burner/firmware version & media.

I had to re-install good old nero 5.5 afterall because win 98 somehow cannot fully read the dvd’s I burnt with Imgburn unless I use Isobuster, like they’re multisessions dvd’s but they’re not… weird
thanks anyway

Nero 5.5 - glad you kept a copy.

Sometimes newer does not always mean better. :slight_smile:

Happy burning!

I don’t know which settings you used but I’m not sure if Windows 98 fully supports UDF. If that was the only filesystem you opted to include in the image, you’re right and Windows 98 wouldn’t be able to read it.
Stick with ISO9660 + Joliet.

I have to admit, I’ve tested building images in 98 and they seemed ok to me, explorer showed me the contents just fine.

In case 98 does work with UDF, since v2.1.0.0 I’ve fixed 1 issue in the UDF filesystem that doesn’t show up under XP etc but did on an earlier one (I think it was 98/Me). If you’re just not seeing all the files in the images you build with ImgBurn, that there is the problem and you can rest assured that it’s fixed for

yep I cannot count how many times I’ve desinstalled and reinstalled that nero enterprise, I’ve tried 6 and even 7 but frankly they don’t do anything more for me except take more space and ressources
same reason why I still use acdsee 3.1 and winamp 2.95 :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the help but I think I’ll stick with nero for data writing

That’s cool I was just hoping you might elaborate on what the actual problem was!

I can’t fix things if I don’t know about them and I certainly don’t perform any real testing on anything other than my normal OS (which isn’t 98!!)

why don’t you do testing on other platforms?

Don’t get me wrong, I do basic testing on all OS’s… check it loads up, burns etc but basic testing isn’t always enough. The issue I found for 98 was when you had a certain number of files in a folder that any after X amount were not found by the OS’s filesystem parser - again, that wasn’t picked up in testing.

I already spend far too much time on ImgBurn, 24 hours in a day simply isn’t enough. I prefer to spend my time testing on current OS’s rather than those from 8 years ago.

I guess none of the beta team still use 98 either, it’s old, what can I say?!