Data dvd won't play on my comp after burning

I burnt a data dvd full of some .avi files to play on my dvd player connected to my tv. it plays fine on that, but when i put the dvd into my computer, and then i try to access the drive through windows explorer, it pops up and error “G:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function”. I gave the dvd to a friend and he gets the same problem when he puts it into his dvd drive in his computer as well.

Also i checked out nero infotool and for disc status it said “Open, not finalized”

Any advice would be much appreciated

Then just burn it again on a DVD, but this time with verify enabled.

but i dont have the data on my computer anymore

“Open, not finalized” - is the clue, the discs aren’t finalized.

…but I’ve no idea if you can finalize a disc without access to the original disc layout :rolleyes: :confused:

I don’t finalize my discs and Windows Explorer can read them. What type of disc is it? (-R, +R, etc.).

Is it only this disc that causes the problem?

Not that it matters, but I don’t see where Nero InfoTool has “disc status”. Mine has a disc tab, but it doesn’t mention status.

Do you have Roxio Easy CD Creator installed?

Apparently that “Incorrect Function” message can pop up for a variety of reasons. It’s probably not your problem, but sometimes it’s fixed by going to the Drive letter in Windows Explorer and right clicking on it. Go to Properties; Click on Recording; Check “Enable CD recording on this drive”.