Data dvd recovery?



Hi everyone! If i am posting this in the wrong section i apologize. I am just desperate for help. i went to another site for help and i got a link to software and that was it and nothing since. Hopefully someone here can help me. I had to do a complete restore of my pc (from the recovery discs) but before i did that i made a data dvd of my mp3s. I burned 2 discs and after those two i had to switch to cds because roxio kept saying there was a problem. the cds turned out fine but the data dvds did not. when i went to copy them to my hard drive i copied about the first 100 of them then i got a Cyclic redundantcy error. i tried to use the software from the other site. it was cd checker. that didnt work. i read other threads trying to fix it myself and found isobuster and cdroller. those didnt work either. Is there any way to recover the mp3s off the data dvd? If not, is there a way…software maybe, that could recover them from my pc even though i did a destructive restore? When i insert the disc and view the files i can see them all…all the details and everything (artist, title, duration, etc) but when i double click on them to play i get the error. please help!


Try ripping the disc with DVD Decrypter (not DVD Fab Decrypter). If that doesn’t work, try using ISOpuzzle, it will allow you to construct the data using multiple different DVD drives if necessary and does a great job.