Data dvd-r: slow file read but fast image copy

Hello friends,

I created a data dvd-r with PlexTools. 4.3Gb; 30,000 files. ISO/UDF format.

When I try to copy the whole disc back to my hard drive, expected time starts at 10-15 minutes, rises during copying to 300+ and I give up (after waiting 45 mins to see if the time drops back down.) Symptom on both drives.

As it’s a Verbatim burnt using a new Plextor, this was surprisingly slow. Instead I tried copying the disk using PlexTools to an imagefile, and mounting it using Daemon Manager (an .ISO mounter). Total time: 7 mins to copy to the imagefile, another 3 mins to copy from the virtual drive to my hard drive.

Why such a contrast? How should I burn my data dvd-r’s to avoid this indirect approach? Haven’t manage to find an explanation on cdfreaks search/google groups so would appreciate any thoughts.

Many thanks,


Plextor px760a @UDMA mode4
Liteon sohw812s @UDMA mode2

Most obviously it is because of the high amount of files…