Data DVD-R compat issue with other DVD drives


I wasn’t sure how to search for this problem. I havent been able to isolate if it is a DVD issue or a Nero problem.

I can burn a data DVD-R on my NEC ND-6500A on my Dell laptop which can be read from this laptop and this DVD burner with no problems. The moment i try to read this DVD from another PC/DVD drive, the disk is unreadable. I have tried this with many many different DVD drives and all the same result, but it absolutely reads 100% on my laptop from Nero and Explorer.

Has anyone seen this issue before? I was using Nero Express

Much appreciated.


Maybe try to update to

It’s important if you have used/not used Multisession, which Filesystem (eg UDF/ISO), and if the media were fixated or not.

“Fixated”? :confused: - is this another word for “finalized”?

Yes, fixating is kinda equal to finalizing here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

chef, it is ISO9600/Joliet (mode 1) and multisession is disabled (I believe this will also finalize the disc since I cant seem to find this option anywhere else in Nero Express UI).

Thanks for the help. I will try the updated firmware in the meantime…

ISO9660/Joliet for DVD? You can use ISO9660 for fully backwards compatibility with older OS versions.

I would use UDF/ISO for DVD recordings and with files larger than 2GB only UDF (because of no other choice).