Data DVD burn with 4163 in Pioneer 116R

I searched but no cigar…so
I Burned a data iso with my new LG 4163A and it plays fine in it and two other DVD players, one in an Averatec and another in a Dell, but when inserted ina 5yr old Vaio with a Pioneer 116R it act like nothing is in the drive. I get the animated CD icon that it’s trying to detect something but never does. Is this drive DVD drive too old to play Data DVDs? I’m rusty on these points.
I burned a DVD-R.
Thanks, Paul

Does the Pio have the latest available firmware applied?

You mean a update to the Sony Vaio for the IDE connect? I think it is in the DMA mode in the IDE section. But I will sure try anything if you could explain what PIO area you mean. I am only familiar with the ATA controller PIO.

Thanks, kilopapa

… I forgot to mention that the Pioneer 116-R plays video DVDs fine. It just acts dead with a data. I tried, in Nero, an Iso and UDF file type and neither will be recognized in the 116-R. Pop in a video DVD, pressed or burned and it fires up fine.

This is killing me because I can’t determine if it is the drive or some setting.


No, I meant the drive with Pio/Pioneer.

Well, just got it and maybe I’ll help others. I just bought a Memorex cleaning Disk, $12 at Circuit City, cleaned it once with Track 2 and “Bang” it instantly recognized the home burned DVD and played it well. Even the pressed ones work quicker.
I never believed much in these things but obviously, in this case, that was the cause. The disk has little bunches of micro hairs around the Track 2 position. Amazing, eh!

Thanks all for helping,

That’s truly impressive!