Data DVD 4.39GB

i’m trying to burn a data dvd at 4.39 but it wont let me. is there a way i can overburn it or something? im using nero

@ iluvJLO
Not sure what you mean by ‘won’t let me’. 4.39GB should fit on a blank single-layer dvd disc. How about some more info? Any error log(delete serial number from top of report)? is old…any chance of upgrading?

A Single Layer DVD will fit 4.37GByte of data, where Giga = 102410241024.

For marketing purposes the capacity of a blank DVD is listed as 4.7GByte, where Giga = 100010001000.

All burning applications that I know of use the first definition of Giga, so 4.39GByte is more than you can fit on a single (Single Layer) DVD, at least without overburning which very few drives can do (unlike for CD-R overburning).

In other terms the capacity of a blank DVD is:

DVD-R/RW: 4489 MByte (Mega = 10241024)
DVD+R/RW: 4483 MByte (Mega = 1024