Data Disks + red X's



I have noticed that when I want to add on to a data disk [ CD /DVD] it automatically goes sets up what new files were added and takes off , putting red x’s ,on files that were deleted from that folder. When I burn these files are lost on the disk.

Is there anyway that I can burn and just add, and not have nero subtract from the disk.



You are creating a new session on the disc and not continuing the previous one.
When you continue make sure you select the session you want and add the files into there.


Thanks for your reply. I think the problem is because the version I have is OEM. When I put the disk in it automatically checks and decides what to add in the files that are on the disk. Is there a way to turn off that feature.

After browsing the forum found a notice from Oct 2004 that Roxio was giving free download to Winoncd 6… the link is still actice and sine winoncd was the first program I used, I think I’ll make the switch. I had version 3.6 on my computer with a driver for XP…

Although I downloaded it in German I found how to make it English…

Thanks again