Data disk startup

if i want to make a data cd start up when inserted into a cdrom drive, can anyone tell me this is done, i know audio cd’s do this automatically, but what if i want to start something from the disk?



i have wanted to know this (for vcds) as well…

You have to make a .ini file. To do this, open up notepad or any other simple text editor. On the first line, type the following:

autorun *.mpg

or whatever the filename is. It could be game.exe, or movie.mpg, whatever you want. Save the text file as autorun.ini and then put it on the disc. Let me know how it works out.

didnt work (with dameon tools)

1st Step, name the file “Autorun.ini”

2nd Step, enter the following via notepad.

open=FileName.exe <----what file you want to open straight away

EDIT: made things a little clearer…


Oh s***, sorry about that, do what huzzy said to do. Sorry!