Data disk after timered recording



using a DVD+R I had done 3 monitored recordings to a disk but had to do a timered recording for the last episode, and yes it screwed up the disk and now reports DATA DISK when it is inserted when put into the computers dvd writer it shows the first and last sessions as damaged (Nero, Easy cd and ISO buster ). I have asked Nero and easy cd to make copies of the three sessions that are ok but it wants to put them each individually on to a disk (requiring 3 disks ) but because the inital session won’t be there the image will serve no purpose.

I then performed a monitored timer record and even though the disk was prepared when inserted it still goes thorough this process so did this screw the disk up, since I did title each session on the disk prior to the timered recording.

any ideas as to get the data off and onto a disk that can be read back through the unit


@nickkk you could try dvdshrink to do a reauthor in the PC for what you can salvage. Were you using the protection button on the recordings you had done before the timed recording messed thngs up?


unfortunatly I didn’t think to protect the recordings and am kicking myself for not doing so.

like i said I have done timered recordings before but this was the only one where I changed the titles of each session.

and now have anouther screwed up disk slightly different though, the disk had recordings on it also a DVD+R which i used for certain programs I inserted the disk to be confronted by “Preparing” and now the unit will only see the disk as “invalid disk”